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Launch of Asia’s first smoked IPA: The Archipelago Hickory Smoked Indian Pale Ale

I stumbled upon a bar one fine night at Joo Chiat place called Smokey BBQ. The hickory smokey smell lead me to this bar and I just simply had to enter to get my hands on whatever that bitter smoke was. Thankfully, there was an event going on for the launch of some beer. Using my witty social engineering, I act as if I belonged and lied my way in by saying I was a guest. Interestingly enough, they did not have a name list, so I was clear to enter.

I grabbed myself a beer and launched myself at the pork ribs and pulled pork. Munching on the food, I washed it down with a swig of beer. I was instantly overwhelmed by the Hickory wood chips smoke taste, smell… I couldn’t tell. This beer had a unique hybrid of beer styles, the popular English India Pale Ale & the German smoked Rauchbier styles. What is that hidden smell behind all of that smoke? Is it… grapefruit? That can’t be…

So I sat down and spoke to a few guys there. Apparently, this beer was a newly launched smoked Indian Pale Ale in Asia called “The Archipelago Hickory Smoked IPA”. The guys told me the Archipelago Hickory Smoked IPA was created for Beerfest 2011 and had made its debut today at the Smokey’s BBQ. Two weeks later, Archipelago concept bars will begin to receive their first batches of the brew. On 16th June 2011 at Beerfest 2011, the Archipelago Hickory Smoked IPA will be showcased to trade guests as well as to members of the public during the mega beer event.

The night went on, after many more glasses of the Archipelago Hickory Smoked IPA, I made a few more good friends. *wink* Well, free food with free beer and pretty ladies, what more can a man ask for?

If you’re going to the Beerfest 2011 happening on 16th June 2011, do check out the new Archipelago Hickory Smoked Indian Pale Ale.

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