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Philips’ New Range of In-Ear Headphones – SHE7000, SHE8000, SHE9000

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Built with efficient speakers to deliver precise sound and specially designed ear buds for greater comfort, the classic range of Philips In-Ear Headphones SHE9000, SHE8000 and SHE7000 are perfect for leaning back, relaxing, and enjoying your favorite music after a long day at work. These new Philips headphones will let you hear every detail in its full glory with their superior design and functionality.

The Philips SHE9000 In-Ear Headphones features a vibration-absorbing, premium metal housing to offer accurate sound transmission. Perfect, comfortable and natural are the key words which come to mind when describing the fit of these headphones. Its uniquely curved design enables easy grip to get perfect in-ear fit, even on the go.

Maximise enjoyment of your music with the Philips SHE8000 In-Ear Headphones, as its Angled Acoustic Pipes and soft sealing ear buds significantly cut off background noise, allowing you to listen to your music blissfully in peace. Suitable for music lovers who just can’t stop listening to their favourite songs all day long, these in-ear headphones also come with ultra-soft silicon ear caps in three sizes, to provide perfect fit and comfort while blocking out unwanted noise for your best listening experience.

For a long lasting music experience, Philips SHE7000 In-Ear Headphones provides a perfect fit and stable signal transfer with your player, with its durable gold plated plug. Like both the Philips SHE9000 and SHE8000, these headphones also come with three sizes of super-soft ear caps for ultimate comfort and passive noise isolation.

The Philips In-Ear Headphones SHE9000 and SHE8000 are available at all leading electronics retail outlets in Singapore, and the Philips SHE7000 will be available by the end of the year. The recommended retail prices are as follows:

Philips SHE9000 – SGD$49.90
Philips SHE8000 – SGD$36.90
Philips SHE7000 – SGD$29.90

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