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Red 5 partners with Garena to bring Firefall to Southeast Asia

Red 5 Singapore announced that its highly-anticipated team-based shooter game, Firefall, is licensed to Garena Online for distribution across Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  The agreement is for a term of six years, during which Garena will pay Red 5 Singapore US$23 million, plus royalties, for the exclusive right to distribute Firefall.

Firefall is a free to play open-world cooperative shooter with deep character progression set in a science fiction world. With competitive multiplayer action and the only co-op gameplay to allow hundreds of players at a time in an open world, Firefall offers a truly unique triple-A gaming experience.

Firefall is expected to be released in December 2011.

Key Features

  • Free-to-Download, Free-to-Play – Purchase optional aesthetic enhancements
  • Campaign and Instanced Content – Quests, missions, battlegrounds
  • Challenging and Immersive – Multiplayer & Co-Op
  • Customizable Gear and Abilities – Battleframes, weapons, armies
  • Dynamic World Events and Missions
  • Integrated e-Sports – Compete in tournaments or be a spectator
  • Massive Open World – See it, go there!
  • Online Persistent World – Always accessible
  • Social/Massive Co-Op – Hundreds of players
  • Superior Graphics – Alive, varied, and colorful world
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