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Okamoto Freedom Project – Submit your ideas or check out these ideas

Okamoto Freedom Project is an initiative with one goal in mind – to help Singaporeans get better at getting away with it. This project is simply a range of products that will help you find new ways to fool around.

Here are 3 ideas that they’ve come up with.

TipOff is an iPhone app that turns your phone into an early warning device. Just set it up to face your front door, link it to your partner’s phone, and it’ll keep an eye out while you’ve got your hands full.

Download TipOff for FREE at the iTunes store.

Urban Camouflage is a set of temporary decals for your car’s windows, which make your car look empty, even when it’s not. Perfect for those late night drives to the East Coast Park or for getting frisky at HDB multi-storey car parks.

Selling at SGD$69.99 at

NightCap is a condom, hidden in a coaster, and it’s available at nightspots Loof and OverEasy, and through Okamoto’s e-store. It’s exactly what you need for those nights when things just seem to fall into your lap.

Selling at SGD$6.99 for a pack of 3 coasters at

If these 3 ideas aren’t enough for you, or you have other secrets and ideas that will benefit everyone to get their boogie in the privacy, send in your ideas to Send it in before 27th February 2012!

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