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Getting the Media RSS Feed from a Google+ Photo Gallery

Google+ Photos isn’t immediately ready for its prime time, with many “features” missing like Slideshow and Media RSS Feeds which you can easily get from Google Picasa Web previously. For those who have Google+ Pages or just didn’t start out with a Picasa account would be at a loss how to share your Google+ Photo gallery outside the realms of Google+.

Reason for getting a Media RSS Feed – To load Google+ Photo gallery in a slideshow that supports Media RSS Feeds on WordPress. I use Cooliris for my slideshow viewer on my blog.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the specific gallery you want to get the Media RSS Feeds on Google+ Photos – Remember this gallery needs to be public.
  2. Notice the URL of the gallery
    • In my case it’s “″ from my Google+ Page
  3. The 1st set of numbers “112290004776472583114” is your User ID.
  4. The last set of numbers “5685898783893740641” is your Album ID.
  5. Construct the Media RSS Feed URL.
    •[User ID]/albumid/[Album ID]?alt=rss
    • e.g.
  6. Add that Media RSS Feed URL to your favourite slideshow plugin, and you’re off!

That’s how you find out the Media RSS Feed of your Google+ Photo gallery.

Check out Cooliris Express if you’re looking for a slideshow viewer.

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  1. Any way to get a feed for an album that is only shared with a private list of users?

  2. Thanks for the great tip!

    I have noticed the image feed has very low resolution. Do you happen to know a way to change the resolution?

    • Add &imgmax=(sizes) where (sizes) are values of 94, 110, 128, 200, 220, 288, 320, 400, 512, 576, 640, 720, 800, 912, 1024, 1152, 1280, 1440, 1600

  3. hi, is there a thumbnail resolution that i can specify ?

  4. I really needed this after Google killed Picasa Web. I use slideshows so much that I even created a Word 2013 macro to take the URL from the clipboard, and paste that and the completed RSS code into that document. I’ll make it available on an individual basis or let you put it on this website!

  5. I’ve added &imgmax=1600&thumbsize=160 as in example. It’s still blurry as hell. Other values only gives worse effects. Can I have sharp images using rss feed or they will be always like now?

  6. This works for old albums, even those that are locked to the public *except* for people having the link. What about the newer albums (i.e. the ones created after Picasa was shut down)? I cannot use the old ‘authkey’ thingy, it will refuse to accept it as a valid link to a RSS feed…

  7. Unfortunately, Google has once again changed their format. It now looks like this:-

    So your slick trick no longer works. Any new ideas? I’ve looked at other photo-sites but they all have serious drawbacks! And the new Google editor is exceptional!

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