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First there was Wine Pairing, Now there is Coffee Pairing by Starbucks

“Coffee is as complex, rich and distinctive as fine wines, and it can accentuate the different flavors in savory food items to further excite the palate,” said Jane Lau, managing director of Starbucks Singapore. “We believe that great coffee should be paired with great food, and we are delighted to work with Chef Yew to create this special dish for the Clover launch, and to introduce the endless enjoyment possibilities with coffee and food pairing. We will continue to elevate every Starbucks coffee experience for our customers and this is really the beginning of what is to come.”

Starbucks Singapore worked with Chef Yew Eng Tong of Ocean Restaurant to create a specially-designed cheese course dish that pairs well with coffee. The dish – named Gouda Cheese Cream with Salted Brioche, Pistachio Puree, Sour Cherry with Burundi Coffee Jelly & “Soil”  is the perfect foil to the Starbucks Reserve Burundi Ngozi coffee.

From the 22nd of August 2013 onwards, customers can enjoy Starbucks Reserve ultra-premium and single-origin coffees brewed by The Clover system, a first for Starbucks in Singapore as well as in Southeast Asia.  This will be available exclusively at the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) store, which is also the first and only Starbucks store in Singapore that retails Starbucks Reserve coffee beans.

The Clover Brewing System is a specialised brewing process that uses a patented Vacuum-Press technology that will allow coffee drinkers to discover new layers and dimensions within a coffee’s familiar aroma, flavour, body and acidity. New Starbucks Reserve coffees are offered every two months, and Starbucks is now retailing the Guatemala Finca Los Caballitos and the Burundi Ngozi. Extremely rare and in limited quantities, the Starbucks Reserve coffees are hand-picked from unusual locales around the world for their distinctive flavours.

Starbucks Reserve coffee is available for sale exclusively at the RWS store as whole bean, half-pound packages or brewed by the cup through the Clover machine, French coffee press or pour-over method.  The retail price for 250 grams whole bean starts at $22, and a tall (12 fl. oz.) cup of Starbucks Reserve coffee starts at $6.30 using the Clover, $5.30 using the pour over method, and $5.90 for French press.  Each Starbucks Reserve offering is only available for a limited time, as new Reserve beans will be offered on a rotating and seasonal basis.

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