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Sony Playstation Home will cease to release updates from September 2013 onwards

First question is, why is Sony stopping updates for Playstation Home? Is the user base in Japan and other Asian countries dwindling, hence new content will cease to be released? There is no word from Sony yet, but they have released the following statement:

“PlayStation Home in Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) will cease publishing new content after September 2013 for Japan and March 2014 for Asian countries and regions.”

The good news is, PlayStation Home will not be ceased, just updates, and for the US and European markets, “PlayStation Home in Sony Computer Entertainment America and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will continue to fully support their vibrant PlayStation Home communities with full weekly publishes, new public spaces, virtual items, and platform features.”

One wonders if there will be an outcry by Japanese and Asian users, since they have all spent so much time collecting items, beautifying their own spaces and collecting trophies, and some have even put money into buying premium content. Though Playstation Home for Japan and Asia will not be discontinued, it would probably die a slow but eventual death with no new content being released.

Thankfully for me, my PlayStation Home in under the US market.

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