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A taste of L’Entrecote: Simple Affordable Steak-Frites

I was recently invited to have a taste at the newly opened L’Entrecôte Singapore (second outlet), located at the basement 1 (Tower 5 escalator) of the newly renovated Suntec City Mall. The unique concept of L’Entrecôte is offering only one main dish in the entire menu – Entrecôte Steak; a steak-frites dish with a lean portion of the Entrecôte cut, smouldered with a complex butter-based sauce and unlimited fries. It also comes with a walnut salad for starters and a choice of dessert. You can get a pretty affordable and filling lunch meal for just over S$30.

I tried a total of 3 starters, the walnut salad and steak-frites, and 3 desserts. Let’s take a look!

First up, an optional apéritif French cocktail drink – Kir – which is a measure of crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) topped up with white wine. This isn’t too sweet, and refreshing to start the meal with.

First up, the ‘L’Entrecôte’ Duck Rillettes, a heavily salted duck meat slowly cooked in fat to form a paste, usually eaten with bread. I’ve had many duck rillettes in my time. Although this dish wasn’t exceptional, but it is a lovely appetiser that goes well with their grilled buttered imported Poilâne bread. The duck rillette was surprisingly not too salty (it could get really salty if not done right), and a velvety smooth paste rather than chunky. This is a must order if you’re letting loose because duck rillettes are heavy on the fat and calories. S$16

Not too salty, velvety smooth paste. Absolutely heavenly, but fattening at the same time.

Next, the Soupe à l’oignon, a classic French onion soup with cheese toasts. You can’t go wrong with a French onion soup in a French restaurant. Very classic, and expected taste. Nothing out of ordinary here. S$8

Simple and classic. You can’t go wrong with French onion soup in a French restaurant.

The star of all the starters – the Escargots de Bourgogne. This is by far one of the best escargots I’ve ever tasted in my life, and trust me I have eaten a lot of escargots from everywhere. It is easy to overcook these little jewels making it rubbery to chew, but they did it perfectly without undercooking. It is soft, simple seasoning of parsley, butter and a touch of garlic, not over-buttery or over-powering flavours from the seasoning. This is a definite must have. S$16

To die for. Perfect in every way. Must try!

The walnut salad has freshly roasted walnuts with mustard vinaigrette on greens. The walnuts aren’t oily and are quite fragrant. Otherwise, it’s just a normal salad. This would be a light dish to get your stomach ready for the main dish. This is served with any order of the main dish.

The Entrecôte Steak is very meaty, very lean, with almost (if not completely) no fat at all which is what makes a steak soft, tender and juicy. The sauce is special secret sauce, a rich buttery creamy taste that’s slightly sour. The Entrecôte cut chosen seems to be the leanest portion between the sirloin and the rip-eye. If you don’t like dry tough cuts, this might not be for you. However, if you’re health conscious and wish to enjoy an affordable, good hearty and meaty steak, this will suit you. No to mention, there is unlimited free flow of fries, so don’t be embarrassed to ask for more. In fact, their fries are nicely done, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. It comes in three sizes, light, classic and large. For most people, classic will be more than filling. Light S$19.90, Classic S$29.90, Large S$39.90.

Very meaty, very lean, very healthy. But I wouldn’t come for just the steak. Fries are good too!

To end it off, the first dessert is the Mousse Au Chocolat. It is a simple dark chocolate mousse, very rich and delectable with chocolate powder dusted on top. Despite the simplicity, any chocolate lover will immediately fall in love with this dessert. It is neither too sweet, nor too bitter. S$12

If you had to only choose one dessert, the Mousse Au Chocolate is to die for.

The Floating Island is a poached egg white mousse, crispy caramel net with grilled almonds and custard cream. The egg white mousse is plain and boring, with vanilla custard below doesn’t add any value to the dessert. Topped with roasted almonds and a caramel net, again doesn’t mold the flavours together. S$14

Some ladies might like this combination, but I’ll pass on this dessert.

Another recommended dessert is the Profiteros de L’Entrecote – vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched between 4 pieces of choux pastries drizzled with chocolate sauce. I like it. But that’s it. S$14

I like it. Simply.


I came another day again to try out without the rush of a food tasting, to get a feel of their service too. I’m sorry to say, but their service is subpar, and inattentive. I did go during non-peak hours, which could explain the “slack” that the waiters were experiencing, I still expected better service. Three failings on service:

  • The waiter told us to “choose any table and sit anywhere we want”, instead of showing us to a table. Simply unheard of.
  • We waited for several minutes and kept trying to get the attention of the waiters, with no luck at all. Nobody was being attentive to our table at all. No excuses because there were only 2 other tables with guests.
  • When asked for an extra set of cutlery, the cutlery was simply thrown onto the table with a thud rather than softly placed. Manners much?

I had a different starter that day, which I’ll just like to sneak in here.

The oven baked Beef Marrow is served with the same grilled buttered imported Poilâne bread. Perfectly done, and simply heavenly. S$18

Although only main dish is the steak-frites, however the rest of the starters and desserts are impressive. For me, I will come again not for their main dish, but for their starters and desserts. For beef steak lovers, the choice of Entrecote lean cut might not be the right portion, lacking the usual juicy tender steak. If you’re in the mood for lean steak, L’Entrecote is a fairly affordable option for a lunch meal. However, do be wary during non-peak hours when the service might deteriorate to non-existence.

Suntec City | #B1-128/129
T: 6690 7569 | E:
Reservations available for large groups only.

11.30AM to 9.30PM

Review Overview

How good is the service? - 40%
Taste of the food? - 70%
Worth the price? - 80%
Atmosphere - 60%


Starters, Fries, Desserts!

I would eat at L'Entrecote not for the entrecote cut of beef, but for their starters and desserts. Their escargots one of the best I've ever tasted, and their classic french onion soup is simply scrumptious. I highly recommend the Mousse Au Chocolat for dessert. The entrecote cut chosen is a little too lean and fleshy, so beware if you're expecting a juicy steak.

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  1. Recent bad change……. The unique dish is just spoiled with the new sauce. It looks like before, but doesn’t taste same at all. I have been there for years with family and guest, and everybody was enjoying the very simple and unique food. Last night was the last if they don’t resume on previous recipies. I understood that success push them to go for industrial food. But in this case better to go to the cantine. I cannot understand how they can make such mistake……

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