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Acronis returns to its roots by opening its International Headquarters in Singapore

Acronis launched their international headquarters in Singapore – returning to its roots, as the company was founded in Singapore in 2002, started sales operations in Asia and quickly become the leader on the backup market in Japan. Singapore is a strategic choice for the international headquarters to focus on rapidly growing Asian market, and continue successful international operations from this neutral technology and business hub.

Interview with Serguei Beloussov, CEO and co-founder of Acronis

1) Why did you think of moving your international HQ to Singapore?

Singapore is a convenient location for technology business. The transportation system is efficient, the country is well connected to the rest of the world, and more than 50 percent of the world¹s population and economy is within an 8-hour flight from Singapore. Asia has always been a key market for Acronis. We founded the company in Singapore, started our sales operations in Asia, and became the leader in our market segment in Japan. We believe that in five years, more than 50 percent of Acronis revenue will come from Asia. In addition, I am a Singapore citizen and have strong links to the city-state.

2) What benefits will that have for your global business?

Besides Asia being an important location to grow businesses (almost every major international corporation has an office in Singapore) there are even more opportunities for technology businesses in Singapore. There are many talented people who come here to attend universities and join R&D institutions. We are already in partnerships with some of these institutions and are planning to expand this types of cooperation. We are also considering to open an R&D centre here. The government pays close attention to supporting businesses that can generate technology innovation. In addition, I believe technology has no borders; it’s essentially global in nature. Singapore’s neutral stance as a country is important to us as it is a good place to be for a truly global company.

3) How can Singapore benefit from Acronis’s enhanced presence here?

First, we bring a new part of our business to the country, thus investing into its economy – both directly and through our employees here. Second, we are planning to expand our R&D to Singapore. Acronis has started its collaboration with Data Storage Institute and Center for Quantum Technologies. We will bring talented engineers and develop innovative technologies, which will contribute to the development of science and engineering ecosystems in Singapore. Third, our engineers will not only work here, but will help educate top-level software engineers. And finally, we hope Singapore will be proud of Acronis in a few years, for being a new Singapore-based company that has become a leading global player in its field. We plan to grow our  business to $1B revenue in 5 years.

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