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Apple WWDC 2014 Videos Podcast RSS Feed Generator using XSLT

I realised there isn’t any podcast subscription link for the Apple WWDC 2014 videos at their website, so I decided to quickly write a simple xsl transformation file to generate a compatible iTunes Podcast subscription RSS Feed for you to add to your podcast player.

Adding the RSS Feed link to your iTunes

You can subscribe to the podcast with the RSS feeds from the following links:

WWDC 2014 HD Videos
WWDC 2014 SD Videos


You can get the code from Github –

Steps to writing the XSLT file

1) Cleaning up the HTML
I needed to tidy up the webpage so I can parse it easily. I used HTML Tidy Online to clean up the Apple WWDC 2014 Videos to remove all the encodings and made it xml compliant.

2) Creating the XSLT file
Next, creating the XSLT file was simple. I encountered several problems which I will go through here.
Firstly, I couldn’t parse those XHTML/HTML tags. In order to fix that, you’ll have to add the XHTML namespace:

The next step is to add the iTunes namespace so I can add more information for iTunes to read and style:

I referred to the iTunes Podcast Specs to create the transformation for the feed.

3) Generating the feed
You can use any xslt processors to do this. I use xsltproc on my Mac. Just do the following commands:

By default I’ve set it to generate with the HD videos. Some of you might want the SD videos, so I added an additional parameter and default it to HD:

That was pretty much it. In order to use the param in the command line xslt processor, just do this:

There you have it! Let me know if you find this useful.

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