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Cool Down This Summer with Starbucks Fizzio

It’s getting hotter with the summer heat at its peak, and there’s nothing more satisfying than washing down your throat with a cool drink. Starbucks adds its summer Starbucks Fizzio Sparkling Beverages to its menus for all it’s thirsty customers.

This bubbly and refreshing drink is perfect match for your afternoon snack and comes in 3 delicious fruity flavours: Lemon Ginger, Cool Citrus and Mixed Berry. All flavour variations include mango jelly. 

For those of you who are wondering about the gassiness of said Fizzio, you’re actually able to adjust the amount of fizz in your drink. The new Starbucks Fizzio machine provides a personalized touch to anyone who purchases the summer drink. Furthermore, cute “earth-friendly” Starbucks x LOQI tote bags are available for $9.90 with every in-store purchase too. Go ahead and also grab a copy of i-weekly or 8 Days to read and look out for a Fizzio™ Sparkle Pass for a Fizzio one-for-one offer. For those avid Starbucks card collectors, the Limited Edition Mini Frappuccino Starbucks Card will also be available in-store and with a minimum of $30 top-up too.

Fizzio will only be available in stores from up till 8 September 2015, so enjoy this season with your own Fizzio now. 

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