Friday , 28 April 2017
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Box margin/padding debugging tip

Just a tip on how I debug those box margin/padding bugs from those 2 famous but irritating web browsers who doesn’t follow the same standards and keep giving me different results. border: 1px solid black; Basically I added that in any block of box that I need to check what’s wrong with it. A problem I’ve been trying to solve …

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Busy week / Css Links Galore

Well, I’ve been working on the SgDotNet website, converting everything using &ltdiv&gt, and I must say, I’m a convert. &ltdiv&gt rocks. But I’m still not sure whether I’ve over-designed it and had a bad case of divisitus, but from the tutorials I’ve been reading, it looked quite alright, in a “component” level. But as a full page, it looks rather …

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More on web development

Just saw an interesting book at Clementi Bookstore today. Open Source .NET Development : Programming with NAnt, NUnit, NDoc, and More by Brian Nantz Looks like a good book that I’ll pick up next time, or borrow it from the library. Reasonally priced too. More about my life: Today’s quite a tiring day. I’m sick again. Down with the big …

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Designing with Web Standards

I just borrowed this book, “Designing with Web Standards” by Jeffrey Zeldman, from the library today (just 2.5 hours ago actually). It was recommended by the guy who wrote “Creating Websites by Hand” in the previous post, “Some Website Tips“. Here’s his website. I’ve just started reading it, and it looks quite interesting, in terms of that it’s no …

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Regular Expressions Library

Just a link I’d like to share with everyone. Regular Expressions Library A friend of mine was asking me on how to formulate a regular expression for his particular string, well, being the lazy me, I couldn’t think of anything. Writing regular expressions is an art, that I don’t think I’ll ever get to that. So I recommended that link …

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Some Website Coding Tips

Creating Websites by Hand I feel stupid after reading this article, because I’ve always been coding websites and writing the layout using &#60tables&#62 and &#60tr&#62 and &#60td&#62, but this article (yes, I’m kind of outdated) teaches you how to use the modern XHTML way to do it. It teaches you the basic stuff of dividing your code into layout …

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