Saturday , 25 February 2017

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PlayStation 4 Exclusive First Look: Until Dawn

Sony recently had an exclusive PS4 media preview, where a few games slated for release in the upcoming months were introduced. One game in particular, Until Dawn, is a PS4-exclusive horror game slated to shake up the horror genre in video games. Made by studio Supermassive Games, Until Dawn revolves around eight friends trapped on a remote mountain getaway, with a killer on …

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Intel Launches Invent50: An SG50 Competition of Technological Innovation

“I have a process. And the process is: You commit, then you figure out how the heck you’re gonna do it.” – Mick Ebeling It definitely wouldn’t be news to hear that Singapore is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this weekend. But hey, we’re not the only ones turning 50 this eventful twenty-fifteen. Intel’s co-founder Gordon Moore’s observation in 1965, popularly …

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Celebrate Singapore’s 50th Birthday with Starbucks

Ahead of Singapore’s 50th birthday, Starbucks will be launching the Birthday Frappuccino to celebrate this momentous milestone and express their gratitude to the nation for being able to be part of the Singapore journey. In 1996, Starbucks opened its very first store in Singapore – the second international market after Japan. Fast forward 19 years, and with more than 100 stores island-wide, …

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WeChat Celebrates SG50 with Ang Ku Kueh Girl Stickers

Singaporean users of WeChat will be delighted to find Ang Ku Kueh Girl gracing WeChat’s Sticker galleries. The brainchild of Wang Shijia and her team, WeChat has commissioned the well-known local artist to create home-inspired stickers to commemorate Singapore’s 50th Birthday, a testament of how much local talent has grown onto the global stage. Shijia has expressed her excitement on working …

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Cool Down This Summer with Starbucks Fizzio

It’s getting hotter with the summer heat at its peak, and there’s nothing more satisfying than washing down your throat with a cool drink. Starbucks adds its summer Starbucks Fizzio Sparkling Beverages to its menus for all it’s thirsty customers. This bubbly and refreshing drink is perfect match for your afternoon snack and comes in 3 delicious fruity flavours: Lemon Ginger, …

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