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But we are a C# shop – How not to sell F# (Video)

Hilarious, but it is so true. This is exactly what happens in most cases. How would you sell F# to your boss?

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Windows 8 Keynote Day 1 at BUILD Conference and Summary

Microsoft previews Windows 8 at the BUILD Conference Day 1 keynote. Below after the break is my brief summary of what was shown and announced: 

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dotPeek – Replacement for .NET Reflector

Ever since the announcement of a paid-for product, .NET Reflector by RedGate which has been a free application that is now an essential tool to many .NET developers, there has been an uproar among the community developers regarding this move to completely change a free essential developer tool to a paid-for app. JetBrains, the creator of the famous and popular ReSharper, …

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Convert a Unicode encoded HTML String to a Decoded String

This is my little research today for some work I’m helping out. So you have a Unicode encoded HTML string (or url), e.g. “津津有味”, that you want to convert to an actual unicode string, in this case “津津有味”, but you don’t have the trusty use of HtmlUtility.HtmlDecode or anything on hand (for example you’re using the compact framework like myself). …

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Managed Code within LINQ Pitfall

I thought I’ll post this in case anyone else encounters this problem. The purpose of the method is to get back a set of ClientContacts filtering based on the ClientID and select only those active if the onlyActive parameter is true, else ignore the IsActive filter and return all the records. Here’s my LINQ query with a simple if-else shortcut …

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Channel 5.5: Video from MVP Summit 2008

It’s always interesting to see what I’ve done in the past, especially on video. Take a look. I talked about C# 4.0, and SharePoint development. Looking back, I wonder if I would have said the same thing now. Channel 5.5: Justin Lee at the MVP Summit 2008 from Rob Windsor on Vimeo.

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