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UOB Personal Internet Banking doesn’t work on Mac OS X Lion because of Java Applet + Workaround

For those thinking (or who have) upgraded to Mac OS X Lion, you’ll realize that Java is unavailable for Mac OS X Lion. Naturally, the first thing you should do is to download and install Java for Mac OS X Lion. However, UOB Personal Internet Banking still doesn’t work on any browser including Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox. The workaround for now is ... Read More »

Google+ is the Glue between the Google Services (Part 1)

Google launched Google+ just a few weeks ago, and it has boomed into a relentless hunger from the Social Media scene to be on the newest and hottest social media platform from one of the most popular brands on the planet, Google. However, I still hear a lot of people asking what exactly is Google+, why they should want to be ... Read More »

Inside Search – Introducing Google Search by Image, Voice Search and Instant Pages (Video)

Google announced their new search features at a media event – Search by Image, Voice Search and Instant Pages. Above is the complete video recording of that event. Search by Image Search by Image is now available at You can now drag and drop, upload with the camera icon, or provide a url to an image and it will search ... Read More »

Google I/O 2011 Keynote Day 2

Summary of Google I/O 2011 Keynote Day 2: Google Chrome Browser Speech to Text input Using GPU to hardware-accelerate graphics 10X performance improvement to Canvas 2D 10X performance improvement to WebGL Tinkercad – web-based 3D modeling tool Chrome Web Store Available in 41 languages to all 160 million users of Chrome Seamless, painless, simple in-app payments within online web apps ... Read More »

Setting Google Chrome Canary Build for Mac as Default Browser

Google Chrome Canary Build for Mac was released not long ago. If you’re like me living on the bleeding edge of browser technology, and are more than willing to make Google Chrome Canary Build for Mac as your default browser, you might have encountered a slight problem when going to Google Chrome preferences and trying to “Make Google Chrome My ... Read More »

ChromeLite – Text-based Lynx-like browsing on Chrome

This is an April Fool’s joke by Google, but a very good one which I can see myself using. ChromeLite is an extension for Google Chrome that removes all images, formatting, etc., and tries to render a page in its bare minimum like how Lynx, a popular text-based browser, renders web pages. I think it’s useful for low-bandwidth situations where ... Read More »

Google Chrome Web Store Apps on Google Chrome

I may be late to the game regarding Google Chrome Web Store launching on 7th December. Today, I woke up to a surprise after an update on my Google Chrome dev build which now has Web Apps integrated into the default home page. For now, most of the Google Chrome Web Apps seem to be just bookmarks to the various ... Read More »