Wednesday , 24 May 2017
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Exploring Erlang (Video)

Awesome presentation by Bob, who isn’t afraid to blaze technology trails, and he has the arrows in the back to prove it. You may remember him from his awesome PyObjC efforts, and his latest triumph is using Erlang to power an ad network for flash games. Listen in as he introduces the language+environment and waxes poetic about hot code reloading, fault-tolerant runtimes, concurrency oriented programming and …

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C9 Lectures: Functional Programming Fundamentals

Finally, all 13 chapters are done. Now I can compile them into 1 big post with all the videos. I highly recommend every developer to watch these videos even though you’ll not be writing Functional code. Edit: I totally forgot to link back all the chapters. Click on the links on each chapter for the original page and details to …

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Creating Beautiful Code with Functional Languages

I encourage everyone who is still sitting on the fence about whether to learn a functional language to read this Beautiful Code – The Manifesto article written by Lau B. Jensen. To summarize, his point of writing beautiful code essentially avoids a lot of the pitfalls you get from Imperative languages. Beautiful Code is… Concise – Free from both obvious …

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