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Cut The Rope now available for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

The HTML5 version of the popular Cut the Rope game is now available online for free. With the power of HTML5, IE9 and Windows, experiences that were once limited to applications are now coming to life across the web.  You can play Cut the Rope at To get a sense for how the developers at Pixel Lab and ZeptoLab teamed up to ... Read More »

Internet Explorer 9 provides the safest web browsing experience against socially engineered malware

NSS Labs,an independent security research and testing organization, released two reports which show that SmartScreen continues to offer the industry leading protection against socially engineered malware. According to the global NSS report, IE9 caught an exceptional 96% of the live threats with SmartScreen URL reputation, and an additional 3.2% with Application Reputation. The other reports looked at socially engineered malware targeted towards people living ... Read More »

IE10 Developer Platform Preview 2 Available for Download

IE10 Platform Preview 2, a technical release aimed at web developers, is now available for download. There are lots of new improvements and implementations of HTML5 and CSS3 like: Beautiful and interactive Web applications are easier to deliver with support for several new technologies like CSS3 Positioned Floats, HTML5 Drag-drop, File Reader API, Media Query Listeners and initial support for ... Read More »

Previewing the new Windows 8 User Interface (Video)

This first video of Windows 8 – Building “Windows 8″ – is a series of videos over the next few months showcasing the new features of Windows 8. In this video, it shows the first look of the new Windows 8 user interface (UI) which covers the following features: Fast launching of apps from a tile-based Start screen, which replaces ... Read More »

Windows Phone 7 Mango Update Press Conference and Summary (Video)

Microsoft announces the new Windows Phone 7 Mango update with 3 key improvements – Communications, Applications, and the Internet. The video and summary after the break. Read More »

Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1 is now Available

Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1 is available for download today. This is mainly for developers and people who are interested to test out the new features of Internet Explorer 10. Welcome to the Platform Preview The Platform Preview is an early look at the Internet Explorer platform so some features are incomplete, some may change, and some may be ... Read More »

Play Master Of The Web Game with Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 is one of the biggest step for Internet Explorer, the widely used browser, offering various improvements to enhance the experience of the web. Notably: Site-Pinning, Jump-Lists, Aero-snap Enhanced GPU acceleration making amazing graphics possible Tracking Protection and SmartScreen malware protection Now, you can win some prizes by installing Internet Explorer 9 on your Windows 7 machine and ... Read More »

Internet Explorer 9 RC Released

For those still sitting on the fence whether to try out Internet Explorer 9, with the release of Internet Explorer 9 RC, now is the time to really see the capabilities and improvements of IE9 over IE8. After installing IE9, you should go to the IE Test Drive site and the Beauty of the Web site to try out the ... Read More »

IE9 Beta Release on 15th September

The wait is over for the newest beta version of Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer 9. Starting on September 15, 2010 (PDT), users will be invited to download this newest test version. Internet Explorer 9 offers substantial improvements the current version including: a streamlined interface, full hardware-accelerated HTML5, modern SVG and native JavaScript integration, support for the Web Open Font Format ... Read More »

CSS3 Progressive Internet Explorer

Lately, I’ve been working on getting nice CSS3 features like rounded boxes, box shadows, and gradients into my HTML without using any images. This resulted in really fast loading websites because very few images were used. However, Internet Explorer (IE) 6, 7, 8 doesn’t support CSS3 at all, which really makes my life difficult when I need to support multiple ... Read More »