Hello World… and hello everyone. It’s been a long time since blogging (5 months ago to be exact), and there is a reason for it. Let’s keep it for a question to ask when we go for coffee.

And as always, I will introduce this blog. It is my blog, and everything I say is mine and do not reflect the views of my employer. This blog will focus on 3 things - technology, coding, and gadgets. My old blog is gone, because it doesn’t feel like my blog anymore and I wanted to go back to my basics - writing for myself.

Now that I have all that away, let’s talk about the platform of this blog - Hugo. Hugo is a static site generator that can generate my blog in a few milliseconds and upload it to the web. I was introduced to hugo a few months ago by friends. A few months later, here I am with a blog by hugo and I love it. There are lots to learn, and I haven’t yet gotten the hang of hugo yet. By the way, hugo is not for the tender-hearted. It’s for developers.

So how do I set this up on my macOS? Like this:

brew install hugo

As simple as that. Next, you create a new site by doing this:

hugo new site <your site>

In this case, I used my site justinlee but it really can be anything, even your dog’s name. It’s for you to remember what this folder is.

After that, you need a theme. Go to the themes.gohugo.io and choose a theme. The theme I chose is Hugo Tranquilpeak Theme which updates quite regularly. So once you say - I choose you! (like pokemons) - there’s how to download to the new site you created.

hugo new site justinlee
cd justinlee
cd theme
git clone https://github.com/kakawait/hugo-tranquilpeak-theme.git

Next, copy the exampleSite from the Hugo Tranquilpeak Theme into your main site.

cp -R hugo-tranquilpeak-theme/exampleSite/ ..
cd ..

Then just run hugo and that’s it!


The output would be at public directory and you just upload that to your hosting site. That’s it! It’s a STATIC website that doesn’t have a database, or any code to upload.

There’s more about installing it on the quick start.

Well, that’s it for today. Cheerios!